Our samples reflect our commitment to capturing the unique voice of each customer.  We write vows with the style of each individual in mind so that their promises to one another feel honest and unmistakably their own.  When words come from the heart, the personality of each bride and groom shines through. 

Let us know if you would like to add your own vows to the examples featured here.


When I was in my third year of college, I had a conversation with a friend about how I wasn’t interested in being in a serious relationship.  I was busy with work and school and growing up- the last thing I was looking for was “getting involved” with anyone.   Three days later, I met you, and suddenly I was open to it all- all the things I had just dismissed. I was ready for a great adventure after all- with you.


You inspire me.  You make me want to try new things; to grow and learn from whatever life brings, the way you do.  I see us navigating a future with children, walks in the park, hockey games, watching Disney movies, camping and discovering new places.  I see you scaring away the monsters under the bed.  And saving me from the spiders. 


We strike a balance with our strengths and weaknesses.  I am better with you; stronger, happier, and more hopeful.  You encourage me.  You make me laugh. 


I promise to be patient when you are stubborn.

I promise to be irrational so you can be understanding. 


I promise to pile on the blankets so you can sleep with the window open.

I promise we can go out even when I want to stay in.


I promise to be your partner in joy and in heartache. 

I promise to be your constant when there is change. 


I promise to trust you; to respect you; and love you.

I promise to have faith in you and in us and in our journey. 


I love you.  Wherever life takes us, I promise we will go together. 

You are my greatest adventure.


Thank you for making me want to be a better man. 

I never imagined the girl of my dreams would be ready, willing, and able to play hockey with me like you did the day we met.


You are my best friend, my goodnight kiss, and soon to be my wife;

You are my partner in adventure, in love, and in life.

I love all the cute noises you make, and (I promise) they are cute.

I love your intelligence, your common sense, and your quirks.


The irony of your messiness contrasted with the way you need to fold your trash.

Your obsession with giraffes, squirrels, and goats- and needing to give them names.


I know you will hold me accountable for the promises I make.


I promise to always be there for you, no matter how many times you get sick or drop furniture on your feet.


I promise to share my thoughts and communicate my plans.

I promise to surprise you with flowers.


I promise to be the husband you deserve, the ultimate father, and your best friend.

I promise our marriage will be built on a foundation of trust, hope, faith, security, comfort, and joy.


Our adventure begins here today.  It’s going to pass through Spain and make a stop in Colorado.  Then, wherever the future takes us, we will go side by side, always together.


I promise you my very best.


I can't believe we're finally here! There was something about you every time we'd lock eyes at the rink - your smile, your little head nods to say hi. The way you looked at me was so different than anyone before. 


You are everything I could ask for in the man I'm to marry - honest, loyal, funny, smart and handsome. 

You're an even better dada than I imagined you'd be. 

You know my heart better than anyone.


I promise to honor you and love you unconditionally. 


I promise to always laugh at your jokes, funny or not. Let's face it, all your jokes are funny. 


I promise to celebrate with you in times of joy and when life wants to put us in the penalty box. 


I promise to be as good of a mama as you are a dada to Braelyn and our future hockey team of babies. 


I promise to trust you, cherish you and watch every Ducks game with you. 


You always say you felt like a caged animal while looking at me through the glass. Well, here you are, you're free and you got me—forever. 


With all my heart,

I promise you all my love,

all my life.


Thank you for sharing yourself with me. 

Thank you for our daughter.


You are kind and caring,

gentle and generous,

brave and strong.


I am honored by your love,

and humbled that you have chosen me

to be your husband,

to share a future and a family.


Thank you for having faith in me

and for helping me to become

the kind of man you deserve.


With all my heart,

I promise you all my love,

all my life.